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LE THIERS®, the genesis of a collective adventure

At the beginning, the adventure of LE THIERS® knife originated within a bunch of friends including some cutlers, designers and knife fans. So these friends founded The Thiers Cutlers’ Guild, a specific companionship. They named it “La Confrérie du Couteau de Tié”, an approximate translation of the Guild’s name in the local dialect. In 2014, they are nearly 200 members, including knife makers of the Thiers business area, amateurs, all of them fans of knife making culture.

LE THIERS® was born as a collective creation of that first group and its prototype first publicly showed on November 7th1994. Any knife maker, member of the Guild was to be allowed to create his own interpretation of the prototype according to strict pre-defined rules set forth by the guild.

A basic pattern infinitely interpreted

LE THIERS® pattern is both modern and timeless. Its drawing and model were filed at INPI (National Industrial Property Institute) as soon as November 1994. They are property of the Guild only.

A knife named LE THIERS®,entirely made within the Thiers Cutlery Area

LE THIERS®must be manufactured according to stringent quality rules. In order to guarantee its genuineness and origin, all its components and the whole processing steps must be entirely carried out within the Thiers Cutlery Area.

Despite economic globalization, The Thiers Cutlers’ Guild sticks to guaranteeing the authenticity of LE THIERS®knife and collective trademark through “The Board of Jurors”, a controlling Body inspired by ancient Cutlers’ Mastership regulations called Jurande. This Board warrants the honest making and trading of all Fellow knife makers.